A Call for a More Inclusive Pluralism

by Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.

We live in a culture where tolerance, diversity, and the right to define oneself are valued very highly. Today, people who want to live their lives as "gay" are free to do so. That's their right.

But there's another sexual minority I'd like to tell you about.

These are the men and women who -- despite having some homosexual feelings -- believe that humanity was designed to be heterosexual.

Homosexuality will never define "who they really are."

The major professional groups -- the American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association -- (the "APA's") -- have abandoned these people. Today, gay activists speak for the APA's on subjects related to homosexuality.

In contrast, "ex-gays" -- the sexual minority I have been talking about -- are simply forgotten.

Because they have listened only to gay activists, not ex-gays, the APA's have promoted the myth that people are "born homosexual." They've also promoted the myth that if you have homosexual attractions, that gay is simply "who you are" -- and that claiming another lifestyle or identity is a betrayal of one's "true nature."

Also, the APA's have abandoned the age-old understanding that children need BOTH a mother AND a father.

And they've promoted the myth that homosexuality is just like heterosexuality, except for the gender of the partner.

All of these ideas are ... just myths.

How could this be true? I invite you to read the material posted on this web site.

In everything we write, we have worked hard to be scientifically accurate, and also to be fair and respectful in representing the ideas those who disagree with us. Because "tolerance, diversity and inclusion" are essential guidelines for both sides in any respectful debate.

That is why I am standing up for what I believe.


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