by Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.

IMAGINE: A class-action suit against the American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations--initiated by homosexual strugglers and their families because of the A.P.A.s' failure to disclose that homosexuality is a treatable condition.

IMAGINE: Men and women testifying that:

Based upon the APAs' policy recommendations, mental-health counselors had neglected to tell them about all available treatment options.

At a very vulnerable time in their lives, they were advised--without any conclusive scientific evidence--that they were "born gay," or "had a gay gene."

They were told to surrender their hope of ever living a traditional family life of spouse and children, and "work through their internalized homophobia" so they could learn to enjoy something they believed was incompatible with their core being.

They were not properly informed that acceptance of a gay identity would lead to greater risk for anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, suicide attempts, failed relationships, drug use, alcohol abuse, tobacco use, and addiction to unhealthy (exotic) sexual practices, as well as STD'S and AIDS.

IMAGINE: Attorneys for the plaintiffs showing:

In many cases, gay-affirmative therapy (the psychotherapist's advice to accept a gay identity) is not appropriate for the patient, and is induced through coercion.

Public-policy statements by the APAs' regarding the "normalcy" of homosexuality are not and cannot be scientifically neutral conclusions, but are influenced by the social-political philosophy of the time.

Interpretation of the scientific data has been skewed to support the APAs' favored social philosophy.

The APAs' systemical withholding of relevant information has restricted the patient's right to choose from among all reasonable treatment options.

The APAs' have shown callous disregard for cultural and religious diversity.

The APAs' have betrayed the public trust as scientific organizations committed to the broader public interest, and are in fact socio-political groups committed to reforming society in their own image.

The APAs' have failed to disclose that there are parenting methods which help to prevent gender-identity confusion in children, and thus may also prevent future homosexuality.

IMAGINE: The APAs' are found guilty of misleading patients and the public about a condition that is associated with maladaptive lifestyles and life-threatening disease.

IMAGINE: School superintendents testifying they encouraged young students to adopt a gay identity--simply because they were "following the professional advice" of the APAs'.

IMAGINE: A multi-million dollar settlement.

IMAGINE: Such loss prompts the APAs to launch their own internal investigation.

IMAGINE: Those internal investigations reveal confusion, intimidation, and apathy by their leadership. They are found guilty of allowing a small but powerful political-activist coalition to create a stranglehold on public-policy matters.

IMAGINE: As a result of APAs' internal investigation, both APAs' recommit themselves to:

Dissemination of public-health information based upon objective research. This research would be honestly and objectively reported, and based on experimental designs that have NOT been specifically created to serve a political purpose.

The significance of the research would no longer be interpreted according to one single group's social-political reformist objectives.


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