What Does Bruce Jenner Have to Do with Reparative Therapy®?

Today, if a man such as Bruce Jenner thinks he is, in fact, a woman, he is applauded –  and given medical help to make his body look female. Hormone injections, breast implants, removal of his sex organs and beard – all this is offered by medical professionals who help him identify as the opposite sex. And the media will immediately call him “she.”

What about the man with unwanted homosexual desires? He believes that a gay identity violates his deepest sense of self. Perhaps it interferes with his marriage and his commitment to his children; it violates a higher commitment to his faith; and it does not reflect “who he is” in the truest sense. Instead of being “celebrated,” this man is committing a politically incorrect act. “You ARE gay, whether you believe it or not,” says our culture.

We disagree. “Choice” in choosing one’s identity must go both ways.

Furthermore, let us consider Bruce Jenner’s choice. Yes, it’s his choice to make, but it conflicts with biological reality. The same-sex-attracted man, too, has the choice to define himself...  but his choice is in harmony with biological design.