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Joseph Nicolosi
Reparative Therapy

Offering Psychological Services to Men and Women Whose Same-sex Attraction Doesn’t Define Them



For many years, Dr. Nicolosi assisted men and women –mostly, persons who are still at a crossroads about their sexual identity– to reduce their same-sex attractions and explore their heterosexual potential.

Dr. Nicolosi, a licensed clinical psychologist, believes that our bodies tell us who we are, and that our bodies have made us for heterosexuality. Man does not have the freedom to redefine what has already been defined for him; we have a nature that cannot be manipulated or redesigned.  We must listen to and respect the language of that created nature.

Perhaps you experience same-sex attractions, but you believe you were not destined to be gay. You believe that these feelings do not represent “who you really are.”

If this is your belief, then we may be able to help you. 


Although Dr. Nicolosi's office has closed, due to his death (see box, below), there remain several other therapists in their own private practices, trained by Dr. Nicolosi. Please email

Dr. Nicolosi helped thousands of men reduce their unwanted same-sex attractions, so that they lost their compelling, life-disrupting power, and assisted them in exploring and developing their heterosexual potential.

The Science Behind Our Work

In 1992, Dr. Nicolosi and two psychiatrists organized a professional association called the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). Today, NARTH has over 1000 members around the world.

In What Research Shows: NARTH's Response to the American Psychological Association’s Claims on Homosexuality.” This paper examines over 100 years of scientific literature on the subject of overcoming unwanted sexual attractions; it offers substantial evidence that for at least some people, sexual orientation can be modified.

Training Conferences by Dr. Nicolosi

International Federation for Therapeutic Choice: First Annual Training Conference (20 countries represented)
October 2016 – Budapest, Hungary
Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., Speaker/Presenter

Hong Kong Training Conference
October 2016
Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., Speaker/Presenter

Torah Psychotherapy Conference
October 2016 – Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Nicolosi, Presenter

NARTH Annual Conference
October 2016 – Dallas, TX
Dr. Nicolosi, Presenter


American Psychological Association (APA) Losing Scientific Credibility, Say APA Insiders


In recent years, the psychological professional has become so ideological that it is no longer open to competing ideas. Few members remain who are still willing to speak up; the career cost is simply too high.

For a perspective on this process, we quote Dr. Nicholas Cummings.  He was  a mainline psychologist, a political liberal, and a promoter of intellectual diversity.  Dr. Cummings served as president of the APA before the Association closed itself off to the diversity of competing worldviews. He also successfully worked with clients  with unwanted homosexuality. Lest Dr. Cummings' words--spoken just 12 years ago-- be forgotten, we reprint them here.....Psych Association Loses Credibility, Say Insiders


Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Sr. (1947 - 2017)

          We are deeply saddened to announce that Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Sr. passed away unexpectedly on March 8, 2017.

          Dr. Nicolosi was a trailblazer in his profession.  Despite unending personal attacks from activists, he refused to follow the ideological tide that has taken over the psychological profession and prevented open scientific debate on issues of sexuality and gender.

          Because our Trailblazer is gone, The Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic has closed down its psychotherapy practice.

          However, there are several other therapists in their own private practices, trained by Dr. Nicolosi. They are determined to keep his work alive. These therapists share your worldview and support your sense of who you were meant to be. Please email

          Despite the closure of the Thomas Aquinas Clinic, this web site,, will remain available to anyone interested in understanding Dr. Nicolosi’s lifetime of work and thought. The articles he wrote on this site have timeless value.  He is the originator of reparative therapy™, and these articles, as well as the four books he wrote, will live on in psycho-history.

          To read tributes to Dr. Nicolosi's life and work from friends and colleagues, please click on this link: If you knew Dr. Nicolosi or were familiar with his work, you may add your own tribute there.