The Joseph Nicolosi Early Career Scholarship

Every year the Joseph Nicolosi Student Scholarship Award is given by NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) to a student who has made a significant contribution in research furthering the Association’s goals and objectives. This is one way NARTH can encourage the next generation of mental-health professionals to carry on its mission.

NARTH seeks to express its support and appreciation to students willing take an unpopular stand for what they believe is for a greater good.


2011 Scholarship Recipient, Christopher Doyle, M.A.

ex-gay rights defender Christopher Doyle

The first recipient of the annual “Joseph Nicolosi Early Career Scholarship Award” (given in the year 2011) was Christopher Doyle, MA, LCPC, psychotherapist, educator, and author. Mr. Doyle is the Co-Founder and President of “Voice of the Voiceless,” a group that is eloquently defending the rights of ex-gays. His writing can be seen in periodicals such as the Journal of Human Sexuality, and he has written articles for Townhall, WorldNetDaily, and The Christian Post. He is also author of “Acception: Bullying Solutions and Prevention,” a health education curriculum.

2012 Scholarship Recipient, William Stanus

Same-sex Attraction researcher William Stanus

Same-sex Attraction researcher William Stanus

The second annual recipient (2012) was William Stanus. William Stanus is a student counseling intern who is completing his Master’s of Counseling Psychology from Trinity Western University (in British Columbia). A native of Ontario, Canada, he completed a qualitative thesis which focused on the experiences of a group of men in therapy for experiences of unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (SSA). He has also been involved with Christian ministries focused on assisting individuals struggling with aspects of their sexual, gender, and relational identities.

2013 Scholarship Recipient, Daniel Garner

NARTH award recipient Daniel Garner
NARTH award recipient Daniel Garner

The third annual recipient (2013) was Daniel Garner. Student Daniel Garner (on right) receiving the third annual Joseph Nicolosi Early Career Scholarship Award at the 2013 NARTH Conference, Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 2013.

2014 Scholarship Recipient, Nestor Bruno

This year’s recipient of a $1,000 scholarship award goes to Nestor Bruno from Argentina.

Nestor is the first non-American to receive the NARTH award and reflects NARTH’s recent mission to extend its influence beyond the U.S. to international mental health professionals.

Nestor has been working at a low fee clinic in Buenos Aires with men and woman with unwanted same sex attractions and he would like to promote this kind of treatment service in South America.